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Tips from Quickshipfire on Preventing Fire Accidents in Healthcare Facilities

Tips from Quickshipfire on Preventing Fire Accidents in Healthcare Facilities

As a matter of fact, fire safety is one of the most important and high-pressure aspects of managing a health care facility. There should be no room for error when composing a fire safety plan for your facility. You have to do everything that it is in your power to keep the patients safe and secure at all costs.

Unfortunately, there are still several hospitals that do not have robust fire alarm equipment installed on the premises and do not have even a solid plan to fight fire incidents. The fact is if the facility managers become a bit vigilant and train the employees properly, they can keep fire incidents under control or even prevent these disastrous events altogether. Here are some strategies that can ensure fire safety at your hospital.

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Setting up an Incident Command Structure

When a fire breaks out, it leaves no time for thinking. Without a detailed plan in place, it will be impossible to get your patients to respond promptly and effectively. Proper planning helps you to react to fire incidents instantly and that too in a proper way. It also saves a significant amount of time that is spent thinking and planning during a fire incident. You should involve all of the departments at your hospital when drafting the plan to ensure its failure-proof nature.

Setting up an Incident Command Structure

If you want to reduce the amount of fire-related damage, communication is of the utmost importance. You should always establish a functional incident command structure. This command structure should have groups and subgroups each of which should be responsible for various aspects of managing fire accidents. Likewise, all leaders of groups and subgroups need to be familiar with the placement of fire extinguishers for the hospital, and they need to be familiar with the hospital’s fire safety plan.

Utilizing the Fire Safety Management Team

In order to assist you in making smart decisions, you should always involve the fire safety management team when purchasing fire alarm equipment for your hospital. Always keep the communication channel open with the fire protection management team to keep the damage at a minimal level. These are some of the tricks that can help you to reduce the chances of fire accidents at your hospital. Always talk to the fire safety management team before purchasing fire safety equipment or creating a plan for your hospital. It will help you significantly in the long run.

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