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Fire Alarms

Fire Alarms: What are they Made Up Of?

A fire alarm system is a collection of many separate parts, each with their own unique function. Knowing what these parts are and how they work together is necessary to better understand how the system works as a whole. The following are the five key elements that make up every fire alarm system: Initiating Devices […]

Smoke Alarm Batteries

Replacing Smoke Alarm Batteries: Things to Know About from Quickshipfire

It is important to know how to change a smoke alarm battery to keep your home safe. If your smoke alarm starts “chirping” or giving off short “beeps,” it usually needs a new battery change. The first step in learning how to change a smoke detector battery is determining which type of alarm you have. […]

Fire Alarm Equipment

Reasons to Choose Quickshipfire for Fire Alarm Equipments

In choosing fire alarm equipment, most people search for the best fire alarm equipment provider company to meet their requirements. Quickshipfire is one of the best fire alarm equipment provider companies that provides high-quality fire alarm equipment, fire alarm batteries, smoke detectors etc. for companies as well as individuals. So, the question is, how does […]


Discover Simplex Addressable Modules – Quickshipfire

Addressable IDNet modules add addressability to conventional devices, such as flow switches. Simplex has a wide range of innovative addressable modules, including multi-point modules, modules which permit individual reporting from flow and tamper switches on the same circuit, and isolator modules which protect power wiring from short circuits and ground faults. Individual (IAMs) receive both […]


Learn about How to Maintain Smoke Alarms from Quickshipfire

Smoke detectors are one of the easiest fire detection and prevention tools that saves the most lives if used correctly. However, even if you have multiple detectors installed throughout your property, they are useless unless they are working properly. Even if you believe your detectors are on and working, you don’t want to wait until […]


Kitchen Fire Suppression System Inspection: What You Should Know

The fear of a kitchen fire is common among restaurateurs. No matter how good your fire prevention practices are, there’s always a possibility something could go wrong. Fire codes require commercial kitchens to install fire suppression systems to protect exhaust equipment and cooking appliances. Like any other system, kitchen fire suppression systems must be inspected […]


Correct Fire Safety Equipment from Quickshipfire for Factory & Manufacturing Units

It does not matter what kind of Work goes on a factory floor to maintain Fire Safety companies need to keep Fire Safety Equipment and the right Fire Alarm Device for Factory. The extinguishers are one of the most vital safety equipment that all the staff should know how to operate the fire extinguishers in […]


Tips from Quickshipfire on Preventing Fire Accidents in Healthcare Facilities

As a matter of fact, fire safety is one of the most important and high-pressure aspects of managing a health care facility. There should be no room for error when composing a fire safety plan for your facility. You have to do everything that it is in your power to keep the patients safe and […]

Know Your Suitable Type of Fire Detector

Are you unsure which fire detector is right for your business? You don’t need to know! QuickShipFire is ready to help you create the ideal fire protection system for you. There are actually four different types of detectors that are used to sense the presence of a fire. The difference is in whether they can […]

Fire Protection Equipment: How is it important?

Fire is a constant threat. Many business owners believe that fire is not a threat that will ever come knocking at their doors. Fires can happen at any moment, for any reason, and they can happen anywhere. It is crucial to have fire protection equipment that is reliable and backed up with dedicated fire protection […]

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