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Fire Alarm Systems: Inspections and Maintenance Requirements

Fire Alarm Systems: Inspections and Maintenance Requirements

Installing a fire alarm system to your business is the first step in protecting your business from fire. Moreover, you must ensure that it remains effective and functional in accordance with federal guidelines.

In order to help you meet these requirements and safeguards, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) publishes updated standards every three years. You can keep your business’ fire protection system up to date by following NFPA 72 National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code.

Are the inspection and testing requirements the same everywhere in the U.S.?

The NFPA 72 outlines the basic requirements of the NFPA, a nonprofit organization that aims to minimize the effects of fire and electrical hazards. OSHA and local jurisdictions have adopted many of the recommendations in NFPA 72, making them mandatory for businesses.

It is therefore the responsibility of states to ensure compliance with these laws. Businesses keep their fire protection systems compliant by performing periodic testing and inspections.

Fire Alarm System Inspection Requirements

The different components of your fire alarm system should be inspected throughout the year at different intervals. A ‘test’ is a hand-on operation of a component, whereas an ‘inspection’ is a visual examination of the product. Some inspections can be done by employees, but others require a fire protection company.

It is recommended to inspect the control equipment every week. Inspect the fuses, power supply, signals from the control unit, and interfacing equipment of the system.

Every 30 days, the fire alarm batteries should be checked for corrosion or damage. The smoke detectors should also get inspected at this time. The digital alarm communicator receiver (DACR) should be checked as well.

During each quarter, the supervisory signaling device needs to be inspected. It monitors your business’s various alarm systems, so make sure it’s in good working order. Your fire sprinkler system’s water lines should be inspected at this time. You should inspect radiant energy fire detectors each quarter if you use them.

Testing Your Commercial Fire Alarm System

Along with the annual inspections, you should test your fire protection system every week, month, and quarter. Batteries and engine-driven generators should be tested weekly to ensure they will work in the event of power outage.

Batteries should also be checked every month. In every 30 days, a charge test, 30-minute discharge test, and load voltage test should be conducted.

To ensure that the supervisory signaling system is functioning, the DACR communication receiver and radio receiver should be tested every month. As part of this testing, the radio alarm supervising station receiver (RASSR) and repeater station receiver (RARSR) must be monitored.

Additionally, battery tests should be conducted weekly and monthly at the end of each quarter. Initiating and signaling systems must also be tested during this period. In addition, off-premises transmission equipment should be tested to ensure rapid response times in the event of a fire.

Maintenance of Fire Alarm System

Fire alarm system maintenance can be summed up in five steps.

  1. Calibrate and test fire alarm sensors, such as flame and smoke detectors, according to manufacturer specifications. This requires knowing about the different types fire alarm sensors and their testing requirements, failure modes, and re-installation requirements.
  2. Analyze inputs and test the annunciators. This requires specific knowledge of the system under test.
  3. Set sensitivity. This requires an understanding of the particular system, the specific application, and fire detection theory.
  4. Coordinate with fire department to test the input to their system.
  5. Take appropriate action if necessary based on battery corrosion and expiration date.
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