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The Top 5 Fire Risks at Your Business

The Top 5 Fire Risks at Your Business

Most people would recognize that an overloaded electrical outlet under a desk at the office is a fire hazard. Most businesses are aware that their equipment and power sources may pose a fire risk.

A workplace can have numerous fire hazards due to heat-generating equipment or tangled power cords, but that’s just the beginning. It is possible to allow small risks to grow into potential catastrophes if fire prevention systems and fire alarm equipments are not maintained.

In order to prevent workplace fire hazards, both awareness and action are required. The following are the five most common workplace fire threats, along with an overview of potential hazards. It is possible to improve fire safety in a business by examining these essential areas.

Biggest Fire Risks at Business

A lack of maintenance of fire safety equipment:

Installing fire extinguishers and then forgetting about them, assuming you’ll be fine in case of an emergency, is almost as bad as not having one at all. Maintaining workplace fire extinguishers regularly will enable your business to stay current with national, state, and local fire codes and ensure their reliability when necessary. If your business is in need of quality fire alarm parts, Quickshipfire offers all Siemens fire alarm parts, Simplex fire alarm parts, Gamewell parts and many more.

Lack of training among employees:

All employees should know how to respond to a fire, including emergency evacuation procedures to where fire extinguishers are located, and how to operate them. To comply with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations, employees must be trained annually on how to use fire extinguishers safely and effectively. A business’s fire safety policies should also include an ongoing routine of fire drills and communicating vital emergency information.

Non-compliance with building codes:

Fire prevention requirements will vary from business to business, depending on the daily activities at your company. An effective fire prevention system will comply with the National Fire Protection Association’s codes and standards, which will ensure your system can be relied upon in an emergency. If you do not comply with the NFPA’s standards, you may put your property and employees at risk.

Office electrical equipment risks:

In today’s digital business world, staying connected means powering computers, laptops, servers, and other devices. The combination of tangled extension cords and overloaded outlets behind heat-emitting equipment is an ideal recipe for a fire outbreak. The assessment of power sources is essential for ensuring that employees are safe from fire hazards. To reduce risks, surge protectors or an additional outlet can be installed.

Leaving sprinkler systems unchecked:

Fire sprinkler systems may go years or even decades without ever being used, but leaving them dormant without maintenance checks can cause them to malfunction, causing extensive damage to property and equipment. Fire prevention tactics will also include scheduling maintenance inspections conducted by a professional organization for sprinkler systems that are subject to codes and standards.

In order to ensure the safety of your workplace, you must take a broader approach than just installing smoke alarms; it requires understanding your business’ biggest fire vulnerabilities and knowing how to respond in case of an outbreak.

Following the above five points will enable your business to focus on areas that may be overlooked or taken for granted as safe. You can save your business from damage and downtime caused by fires if you know where the potential hazards are, plan to mitigate them, and then follow a routine of maintenance checks.

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