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The Importance of Fire Alarm and Sprinkler Monitoring

The Importance of Fire Alarm and Sprinkler Monitoring

If you have a fire alarm or sprinkler system in your building, you may feel that you are fully protected. However, there is one more important step to take. You need to make sure these important systems are monitored continuously. Not only does 7×24 monitoring give you peace of mind, it can save your life, the lives of others and prevent major property damage.

Fire alarm and sprinkler monitoring are critical for ensuring the safety of people and property in buildings. Here are some reasons from Quickshipfire why fire alarm and sprinkler monitoring are important:

Immediate response

A fire alarm monitoring system provides an immediate response by the local fire department through a central station that notifies the fire department when a fire is detected. Monitoring devices are connected to a fire alarm system that transmits information via telephone lines, cellular networks or radio signals. This means you do not have to call for help yourself, saving valuable time when a quick response is needed and you need to leave the building (of course, if you are able, you should always call the fire department). This is also important outside business hours when the building may not be occupied.

Human element

With fire alarm monitoring systems, there is an important human element. In a central station, teams of employees monitor computer screens for alarms, trouble conditions and other “abnormal” signals. Monitoring your alarm system ensures that a fire is responded to, even if no one is present to report it. When a central station receives a system alarm or water flow message, it alerts the local fire department and then contacts the owner’s representative. This makes a big difference if a fire breaks out even though the building is unoccupied. For other system faults or conditions, they will first contact the building management staff. They will want to know if the situation requires response and will ask some questions to get an idea of the emergency.

Damage control

The destructive power of a fire increases exponentially for every second it remains uncontrolled. An alarm monitoring system can make all the difference in the amount of damage. Buildings contain many critical and important items – human lives, business records, production equipment and costly inventory that are expensive or impossible to replace. A fire that isn’t extinguished in a timely manner can have devastating consequences. A monitoring system can ensure a quick response and the best possible outcome.

Early Detection of Fire

Fire alarm and sprinkler systems are designed to detect fire as soon as it starts. The quicker the system detects the fire, the quicker the response can be, which can help to prevent the fire from spreading and causing more damage.

Saving Lives

The most important reason for fire alarm and sprinkler monitoring is to save lives. Early detection and quick response can help to ensure that everyone in the building is evacuated safely and that any injuries or fatalities are minimized.


Many jurisdictions have regulations in place that require buildings to have fire alarm and sprinkler monitoring systems. Compliance with these regulations is important to ensure the safety of building occupants and to avoid legal penalties.

Fire Alarm Equipments from Quickshipfire

Whether you need smoke detectors, fire alarm control panels or fire alarm modules for your commercial property, Quickshipfire is here for you. We have been protecting people and property from fire damage since more than two decades and our experience shows in our outstanding work! We are known for our excellent quality fire alarm components, expertise and reliability. To learn more about how we can help your residential or commercial property, visit our website and order fire alarm parts online or contact our team at (833)747-7845.

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