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The 6 Most Common Fire Alarm Questions and Answers

The 6 Most Common Fire Alarm Questions and Answers

If you own a business, a commercial fire alarm system is necessary in the place. Fire safety equipment like this ensures the safety of you, your employees, and your customers. Additionally, they are usually required by the local AHJ.

Many business owners have similar questions about commercial fire alarms and how to maintain them. Fire alarms are only good if they are maintained and working properly, which is an extremely important consideration. You should therefore ask questions about commercial fire alarm systems and get the answers you need.

Why Should You Ask Questions about Your Fire Alarm System?

If you have any questions about your commercial fire alarm system, don’t hesitate to ask them. Without knowing how your system works, you cannot properly respond to an alarm condition in your building. It is important for you to understand every aspect of your fire system. Make sure you ask questions and get the information you need to protect your business and its employees.

Top 6 FAQs and Answers about Commercial Fire Alarms

The following are the top six FAQs and the answers to each one to help you learn more about your fire alarm system:

Are the smoke detectors and fire alarms connected?

Smoke detectors and commercial fire alarms can be connected. The fire alarm will sound when there is smoke in the building if the two are connected.  It’s important to know that central station monitoring will be alerted if your commercial fire alarm goes off and then the monitoring staff will alert the first responders.

If my fire alarm beeps, what does it mean?

Beeping or chirping fire alarms can indicate the following:

  • The first thing you need to do is acknowledge the problem on the control panel.
  • From the display, identify the trouble condition.
  • Make sure you provide accurate information to your service provider in order to assist with the next steps.

What Does A Trouble Condition Mean on a Commercial Fire Alarm System?

There are many different types of commercial fire alarm trouble codes. A fire safety specialist should inspect your commercial fire alarm if it displays a trouble code and fix any issues.

What is the recommended frequency of inspection for commercial fire alarms?

Fire safety specialists should test and inspect your commercial fire alarm system once a year based on your local AHJ ordinance and building classification.

Is it necessary to have a fire alarm and sprinkler system?

The sprinkler system and the fire alarm system are both commonly found in new buildings. It depends on your local jurisdiction, building classification, occupancy, and other factors whether you need both. While the sprinkler system protects the building structure, the fire alarm alerts the occupants to evacuate. Ultimately, both components are essential to ensuring the wellbeing and safety of your building’s residents. These features are often governed by code. The fire safety specialist at your local fire station can help you determine the fire safety requirements for your building.

How are fire alarms classified?

Fire alarm panels can be conventional or addressable.

  • Conventional Fire Alarm: A conventional fire alarm detects changes in electrical currents and is installed in zones. When a device detects a change in the atmosphere, its electrical current changes, and the fire alarm control panel detects this change and sounds an alarm. The conventional fire alarm is effective, but it alerts to a wider area rather than pinpointing a specific location.
  • Addressable Fire Alarm: Using the latest technology, addressable fire alarms can monitor very specific areas, such as a stairwell or a specific room. An addressable fire alarm system has its own address, so it’s easy to determine where the signal is coming from. As soon as a change in the atmosphere is detected, the device alerts the fire control panel, which can pinpoint where the problem is located.

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