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Thanksgiving Fire Safety Tips from Quickshipfire

Thanksgiving Fire Safety Tips from Quickshipfire

A Thanksgiving celebration is the perfect time to get together with friends and family, eat delicious food, watch football (or the parade), and visit loved ones. The holidays can be hectic, and safety should always be a priority even during the busy times. Keep these Thanksgiving fire safety tips in mind and be thankful for your home and family’s safety.

Thanksgiving fire safety precautions can prevent bigger problems from disrupting your plans this season. The following are the top safety hazards during the Thanksgiving holiday:

  • Fire – cooking fires, candles, and outdoor deep fryers.
  • Food – choking, poisoning, cuts, and burns during the preparation of food.
  • Travel – drunk driving, distracted driving, car accidents.

According to State Farm insurance, Thanksgiving is the most dangerous day for cooking fires. It is estimated that more than 4,000 fires occur on Thanksgiving Day and that deep-frying turkeys using a turkey fryer causes 5 deaths, 50 injuries, 900 homes to be destroyed and more than $15 million in property damage every year according to the U.S. Fire Department.

The importance of kitchen safety increases during busy holiday seasons, such as Thanksgiving, when more people will be in the kitchen preparing a large meal. In reality, the kitchen poses more hazards than most people realize, whether they are casual cooks or experienced chefs.

Thanksgiving Fire Safety Tips

Follow a few simple thanksgiving fire safety tips as you prepare your holiday schedule or prepare that large family feast to enjoy your time with loved ones and keep yourself and your family safe from fire.

Don’t leave the kitchen when you’re cooking

Keep an eye on the food while you cook on the stove top. It can be tempting to go check on your guests or pick up something you forgot at the market.

Avoid letting children play near the stove

You should stay in the kitchen because kids are likely to be tempted to taste the food unsupervised and may get burned by hot surfaces or liquids. Children should be kept at least three feet away from a hot stove because steam or splashes from hot foods and liquids could cause serious injuries. Keep oven mitts, wooden utensils, food packaging, towels, or curtains away from your stovetop.

Keep the kitchen floor clear and free of trip hazards

People can get a bit careless when they’re in the spirit. Make sure there are no tripping hazards on the floor, such as toys, pocketbooks, or bags. Avoid keeping potentially dangerous items on the counter, such as knives, or dangling electric cords from an electric knife, coffee maker, plate warmer or mixer, within the reach of children. Keep matches and lighters up high in a locked cabinet so kids can’t play with them. You should never leave children alone in a room with a lit candle, since they may knock it over when playing.

Ensure that all smoke alarms are working

Keep your smoke alarms in good working order. Make sure they work by pushing the test button. Before this Thanksgiving, replace the smoke alarm batteries if you are not in the habit of changing them during the fall and spring changes.

Learn how to put out small cooking fires

In the event of a small cooking fire, you can smother the flames by covering the pan and turning off the burner. Cover the pan until it has completely cooled. To prevent an oven fire, turn off the heat and keep the door closed. When in doubt about fighting a small fire, just get out! Be sure to close the door after you leave the room to prevent the fire from spreading. Call the local emergency number once you are out.

Turkey fryers should be used with extra caution

Turkey frying became a Thanksgiving tradition for some because of its speed, irresistible flavor, and juiciness. Turkey fryers are prone to causing fires and serious injuries. Take all precautions if you plan to deep-fry your holiday bird to ensure your safety, the safety of your guests, and your home.

Educate kids about the dangers of hot objects

It is important to teach children that hot things, such as hot liquids and steam, can burn. Place hot liquids and food in the center of the table or at the back of the counter. Ensure that there is a “kid-free zone” of at least 3 feet around the stove and areas where hot food or drink is prepared or carried. It is best to keep pot handles turned inward. Avoid exposing clothing to flames or heating elements. When opening microwaved food, keep your face away from it. You should never hold a child while cooking, drinking hot liquids, or carrying hot items.

The best way to treat scalds

Burns should be treated immediately. Using cool running water, cool the burn for up to 20 minutes. To prevent infection, cover the burn with a clean, sterile material. In the case of deep or extensive burns, the patient should be sent to the hospital immediately for further medical treatment.

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