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Safely Ring in the New Year 2023

Safely Ring in the New Year 2023

This year has been quite well and we are ready to ring in the coming of a new year 2023. But as we celebrate the passing of a year like none other, it’s also important to stay safe. To ensure that you have a safe New Year’s celebration, Quickshipfire has compiled these fire safety tips.

New Year’s Fire Safety Tips

Keep an eye on your cooking

New Year’s food is all about binging from greasy stovetop foods to oven-baked snacks filled with cheese. If you don’t watch your food carefully, a grease fire can easily start on your stove top and spread quickly. Leaving items in the oven for too long can also cause a fire. Two-thirds of home cooking fires are caused by flammable items, according to the U.S. Fire Administration. Watch your food carefully this New Year’s and keep flammable items away from the stove.

Check your lights and wires

It is pretty standard to decorate your home with holiday lights and string lights for New Year’s. Since you only pull out holiday lights once a year, the wires, plugs, and bulbs may be damaged without your knowledge. Pets and vacuums can also damage lights when you aren’t looking. If you plug them back in for New Year’s, your carpets, decorations, or other items could catch fire. Double check the cords for exposed wire, the plugs for proper connection, and the bulbs for broken or missing parts before plugging them back in.

Leave fireworks to the professionals

It may sound fun to ring in the New Year with a bang, but when the celebration ends with you in trouble, it won’t be so fun. Fireworks also cause an average of 18,500 fires per year according to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission. Avoid fireworks this New Year’s if you want to avoid fire damage to yourself and your home.

Watch the candles and grill

The safety of your home is at risk from any source of fire that can spread. If you plan to grill this New Year’s, make sure the grill is on a flat surface and at least 10 feet from your house. Putting the grill on concrete versus a wood deck or the grass is also preferable. Using this method will help prevent stray flames from starting a fire.

When it comes to preventing fire damage during New Year’s celebrations, candles are also a concern. Candles should be placed on flat surfaces away from other objects, pets, and children to prevent them from falling over or catching fire. Also, never leave a candle unattended.

Check your smoke and fire alarms

Making sure your fire alarms work properly before New Year’s might seem obvious, but it’s extremely important. The alarms can make a huge difference in your safety if you deactivate them while cooking or forget to change the batteries. If your home has a working smoke alarm, your chances of getting caught in a fire is less. Keep your smoke alarms and fire alarms in good working order this New Year’s.

New Year fire safety checklist

Check Fire Extinguishers

Confirm that you have fire extinguishers installed according to local fire codes. Make sure your extinguishers aren’t expired or about to expire, and make sure they’ve been inspected recently. Make sure that hoses, canisters, and other fire alarm components do not have any physical damage.

Inspect Your Fire Sprinklers

If sprinklers are already installed according to code, do a visual inspection to ensure no damage has been done to pipes, valves, or other equipment. All surfaces should be checked for leaks and any damage should be repaired by a professional.

Check Your Kitchen Fire Suppression System

Fires in commercial kitchens are a leading cause of building fires, so ensure that the fire suppression system is in place and free of damage. Make sure the nearby extinguisher is not expired and inspect it for damage before using the suppression system.

Smoke/CO Alarms

Ensure you have the right smoke alarm and CO alarms installed in your building according to the fire code. In the case of battery-operated alarms, check their functionality and replace fire alarm batteries.

Fire Safety Signage

Commercial buildings must have fire safety signage placed in specific areas based on their layout. Signage should be clear and unobstructed by furniture or decor.

Keep your New Year’s celebration safe by following these fire safety tips. To order new fire alarm parts online, contact Quickshipfire today.

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