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Property Owners – Fire Inspection Checklist

Property Owners – Fire Inspection Checklist

The following checklist, prepared by QuickShipFire, will assist you in ensuring safety and security for your property and its occupants. It will increase your awareness about fire safety and the effective and immediate ways to protect property and lives.

You will see that certain items can be handled internally while others require certification as a fire alarm technician. To reduce the risk of fire emergencies, make sure you follow our checklist.

  1. Are your fire alarm device being maintained in accordance with the Local Fire Codes?
  2. Are you following the requirements of your insurance company and maintaining your fire sprinkler system in accordance with NFPA 25?
  3. Are you storing your Fire Alarm System in accordance to the Local Fire Code?
  4. Are fire extinguishers regularly inspected under NFPA 10?
  5. Are you able to safely store flammable materials away combustibles?
  6. Are you familiar with the evacuation procedures in an emergency and have you got a current Fire Safety Plan?
  7. Are you storing your Fire Safety Plan in an approved Fire Safety Plan Box?
  8. Are your fire extinguishers compatible with different fire types? If so, are they easily accessible and easily visible?
  9. Do all staff and personnel have the necessary training on how to use portable fire extinguishers properly?
  10. Are there any obstacles or vegetation in the vicinity of your fire hydrant? Have they been inspected in the past 12 months?
  11. Are you able to quickly and efficiently provide records from the fire inspections of the past two years?
  12. Is it safe from any combustible buildings if there is a fire in the garbage bin?

We encourage you to speak with a certified fire safety professional if you answered “no” to any questions. These professionals will help you bring your process up to code compliance and minimize potential injury to property and occupants.

QuickShipFire serves businesses throughout the California. All of our inspections and maintenance contracts comply with the applicable NFPA as well as the Local Fire Code. To ensure an exhaustive review and a track record for excellence, we use checklists.

If you have any questions about fire protection or safety, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact us here.

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