HMS-S Intelligent Manual Fire-Alarm Box


HMS-S Intelligent Manual Fire-Alarm Box. Models HMS-S | HMS-SZ and HMS-D | HMS-DZ are constructed of durable, molded polycarbonate material that is matte finished in red with raised white lettering. The housing accommodates a ‘pulldown’ lever, which ─ when operated ─ locks into position; indicating the fire-alarm box has been activated. The pull-down lever remains down / in the ‘locked’ position, until the fire-alarm box is manually reset. The manual fire alarm box can only be reset by opening the hinged housing cover with an Allen key; followed by closing and locking the cover. Models HMS-S | -SZ and HMS-D | -DZ operate with Siemens ─ Fire Safety FACPs. The microcomputer chip to the manual fire-alarm box has the capacity of storing ─ in memory ─ identification and important operatingstatus data. Models HMS-S | -SZ and HMS-D | -DZ are fitted with screw terminals for connection to an addressable circuit, and can be either surface or semi-flush mounted. The Model HMS-series manual fire-alarm boxes derive their power, communicate information and receive commands over a single pair of wires. Each box is compatible on the same circuit with all Model `H’-series detectors, interfaces or addressable, conventional zone modules

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