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Know Your Suitable Type of Fire Detector

Know Your Suitable Type of Fire Detector

Are you unsure which fire detector is right for your business? You don’t need to know! QuickShipFire is ready to help you create the ideal fire protection system for you.

There are actually four different types of detectors that are used to sense the presence of a fire. The difference is in whether they can detect smoke or heat. Understanding the differences between the detectors is the best way to decide which one is right for you and your building.

The best option would be to purchase an ionization or photoelectric detector. This could change depending on the type of building.

 Heat Detector

The heat detectors are usually used in warehouses, storage rooms and other areas that aren’t often occupied. The detectors will notify you if the temperature rises or the room is heated. Heat detectors take longer to detect fire than smoke detectors. They are less likely to go off when there is steam, humidity, or precipitation.

Ionization Smoke Detector

Smoke detectors that detect ionization are often found in restaurants and commercial kitchens. These detectors activate when smoke is detected in the air. Two metal plates are inside the detector, and they have an electric current that flows back-and-forth. The alarm will sound if there is smoke in the chamber.

Photoelectric Smoke Detector

These detectors can detect small fires. Similar to ionization detectors but using an electrical current instead, photoelectric detectors use a beam light to detect smoke. The alarm will go off if smoke is detected in the chamber.

Ionization and Photoelectric Smoke Detector

The best way to arm your house is with a smoke detector that detects both photoelectric smoke and ionization. This detector works together the photoelectric and ionization detectors. Smoke in the air will cause both the electric current and the beam of light to be disrupted, which will trigger the alarm. This detector works as a 2-in-1 system. However, it will not detect heat.

QuickShipFire can assist you with all your fire protection needs. We are able to repair and inspect your fire alarm equipment.

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