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Fire Safety Training for Employees

Fire Safety Training for Employees

A fire destroys property, injures people, and takes lives. Fire safety training is a key component of maintaining a safe workplace and preventing fires. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires that all employees are trained on how to keep themselves safe during fire. Identifying fire signs and understanding how to evacuate safely are among the basic skills.

However, comprehensive workplace fire safety training covers much more than that. A full fire safety training for employees includes:

  • Identifying fire hazards
  • What to do in the event of a fire
  • Fire prevention

Why is Fire Safety Training Important?

Training can help employees eliminate fire hazards and respond quickly in case of a fire. Without adequate training, a small occurrence can quickly turn into a major incident with devastating consequences.

When a fire breaks out in the workplace, employees have two options: Fight or Flight. People take the right actions faster when they are properly trained.

Fire Safety Training Topics:

Depending on the industry, fire safety training topics begin with a general overview of procedures and then drill down into more detail. It covers the following topics.

  1. How to respond to a fires

Employers should develop a fire safety plan, and all employees should know what to do in case of a fire. Employees should be aware of the company’s emergency plan and which employees are responsible for implementing it. Additionally, this training should cover:

  • How to exit the building
  • How to secure each door as they are leaving
  • Where to meet after evacuation
  • What to do if they encounter heat or smoke that prevents evacuation

In addition, employees should know how to activate any fire alarms and sprinkler systems in their area.

  1. The Use of Extinguishers

Most workplaces have portable fire extinguishers. An extinguisher can only extinguish small, contained fires, like one in a wastebasket. The fire extinguishers used in different workplaces may or may not be suitable to control grease or electrical fires.

Employees who have not received training in the proper use of portable extinguishers should not attempt to fight a fire. Through training persons learn to never fight a fire:

  • if the fire is large or spreading
  • if their escape route may be blocked by the spread of fire
  • if they are not trained in the correct use of the extinguisher or are unsure of the type of fire
  1. Types and Causes of Fires and Their Containment

Employees who work in certain situations should receive more extensive training. A few examples include:

  • Employees on remote sites with no emergency services (including boats or oil platforms)
  • Healthcare workers who are responsible for incapacitated patients
  • Employees at industrial sites with highly volatile chemicals

In these cases, employees may need more comprehensive fire safety training that includes identifying the cause and type of fires, as well as how to contain them. It may also teach how to use personal protective equipment (PPE) in fire-related situations.

  1. Fire prevention

Fire prevention is an important part of a more in-depth fire safety training. This includes training employees on:

  • How to recognize fire hazards
  • How to minimize the risk of hazardous situations
  • Steps to take to remedy fire risk

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Employers and employees are both responsible for preventing workplace fires. Besides injuring or killing people, a serious fire can cause a workplace to close and lead to great job losses. With proper fire safety training, it is possible to reduce the threat of fire to people and property.

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