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Fire Relay: Your Integrating Access Control of Fire Alarm Systems

Fire Relay: Your Integrating Access Control of Fire Alarm Systems

A fire relay is a switch that sits between the fire system control panel and the power source to the door locking methods. While there are different types of fire relays and different ways to configure them, the job of a fire relay is simple: when there’s a fire alarm, the fire relay unlocks the selected doors.

Fire Alarm Relays can come in many forms, including wireless and detector bases.

In an emergency you may wish your fire alarm system to perform a number of automated tasks – this could include switching off lights or closing doors. To do this you will require fire alarm relays and devices which allow the automation of certain functions.

Without getting too technical, a fire alarm relay is essentially an electric switch – one that takes an amount of power and distributes it to allow other devices to be powered in certain circumstances.

Use of Fire Alarm Relays

Typical uses for fire alarm relays include:

  • closing fire doors in an emergency (switching off the electro-magnets that hold the doors in place)
  • switching off music systems to allow fire alarms to be heard clearly
  • switching off air conditioning to prevent the circulation of air

Fire alarm relays can be used to control other relays too – from one fire alarm relay to multiple relays. They are also commonly built into devices such as fire alarm detector bases. By including the relay in the device, you are reducing the amount of wiring needed and often also saving money by having a ‘2-in-1’ device.

When choosing a relay, you need to consider the specifications of the device you are looking to control and how much power needs to be channeled. You could also consider whether you need single contact relays or dual contact relays – dual contacts may give you more flexibility in future.

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