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Are You Aware About When to Update or Replace Your Fire Alarm System?

Are You Aware About When to Update or Replace Your Fire Alarm System?

Although it might seem like a waste to test your fire alarm system regularly, it is vital that it is up-to-date in the event of an emergency. In the case of an emergency, a new or updated system can protect your workforce. These are the main indicators that your fire alarm device should be replaced or updated.

System Age

A fire alarm equipment that has been in use for at least 10-15 years will start to set off false alarms and is less reliable in emergencies. It also requires frequent maintenance. You should upgrade your fire alarm system after a period of 10-15 years.

Sensitivity Issues in Your Fire Alarm System

If your system doesn’t pass the required sensitivity tests, you should replace it or update it. If your fire alarm parts are too sensitive or not sensitive, it may not go off as intended or be activated too often. This can cause disruptions in your workforce and decrease trust in the fire system. Your staff might lose faith in your alarms if there are too many false alarms.

The Fire Alarm System is not up to date or in compliance with Code

If your fire alarm components lack newer features like fire monitoring, fire department dispatch, and early detection/notification, you should stop spending money on costly repairs. Your facility needs a new system to protect its workers. If your system doesn’t comply with local fire code regulations, you may be legally required to upgrade it.

Are You Planning to Renovate or Expand Your Facility?

You should replace or update your fire alarm system if it’s not up-to-date or inadequate to meet your growing space. If you intend to use your space in a different way, your fire alarm system may need to be updated. You might use different equipment, or have more people than you used before.

Are You Ready for a New or Updated Fire Alarm System?

We are a professional fire suppression company and can assess your existing system to ensure it is safe, effective, compliant with local fire codes, and up-to-date. To ensure safety for your employees, even if your fire alarm system is working properly, it’s still important to have a professional inspect it regularly.

QuickShipFire has been protecting homes and businesses in the area since 2017. To learn more about upgrading your fire alarm system, contact us today.

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