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A Guide to Restaurant Fire Safety

A Guide to Restaurant Fire Safety

A variety of regular activities can be done on a daily or weekly basis to reduce fire risk in restaurants when it comes to fire prevention and fire safety. Put these simple restaurant fire safety tips into action if you don’t have one!

Every year, around 8,000 restaurants report fires, according to data from the National Fire Protection Association. Almost $250 million in direct property damage is caused each year by these incidents.

Quickshipfire understands the budget constraints faced by many restaurant owners. The Covid-19 outbreak has caused many restaurants and bars to cut back on costs, reduce staff, limit their hours of operation or even close their doors entirely as a result of public health restrictions and declining revenue.

The lack of budgets prevents many restaurants from upgrading their kitchen equipment and systems. By properly training their staff to prevent and respond to such emergencies, restaurant owners can affordably reduce the fire risk on their property.

The purpose of a commercial kitchen fire safety plan is to ensure fire safety procedures are followed and your business is safe from fire.

In the event that a fire breaks out, staff members should be trained to take the following actions:
  • Correct use of fire extinguishers: To use a fire extinguisher correctly, pull the pin, point it at the fire, squeeze the handle, and sweep it from side to side as you approach it slowly.
  • In the event of a grease fire, staff should not use water to extinguish it, as fat could splash and potentially expand the flame surface area. Use a fire extinguisher
  • Stop the flow of gas and electricity to prevent the fire from spreading.
  • Evacuate in case of emergency. The staff should be aware of basic evacuation measures and proper exit strategies. It is essential that at least one member of staff be designated as the evacuation manager, whose responsibility is to call 911 and instruct all staff and customers on how to safely exit the building.

Fire Safety Tips for Restaurant Staff

Fire safety training is one of the most important aspects of restaurant fire safety. Fire safety protocols should be taught to employees, including steps they can take to prevent fires and how to avoid common fire hazards. The employees should also be well-trained in fire response so they can respond to fires safely. In order to provide comprehensive fire safety training at your establishment, include the following tips:

  1. Fire Safety Equipment: All staff should be familiar with how to handle and use fire safety equipment and emergency supplies such as fire extinguishers.
  1. Power Sources: It is important for kitchen staff to be aware of where power sources are located and how to turn them off in order to avoid sparking a fire.
  1. Crisis Response: To prevent panic and fear, train employees on how to respond calmly to emergencies, such as fires.
  1. Types of Fires: Training staff on how to deal with different types of kitchen fires.
  1. Chemical Safety: Provide employees a training on how to safely handle chemicals and other flammable items.
  1. Refresher Courses: Make sure employees are provided with fire safety refresher courses frequently to keep their knowledge fresh.

Restaurant Fire Safety Checklist

In order to keep your restaurant safe from fires, you need a variety of tools and plans. With the right safety measures in place, you can not only respond to fires better, but even prevent them. here is a checklist of the most important aspects to cover:

Keeping Your Commercial Kitchen Safe
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