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6 Signs When You Need to Replace Your Commercial Fire Alarms

6 Signs When You Need to Replace Your Commercial Fire Alarms

Commercial fire alarms are essential components for your building’s safety. The fire safety tools not only protect the people on your premises, but they are often required by local regulations as well. Commercial fire alarms don’t last forever, like anything else. Hence, it’s essential to know when to change your alarms and how to maintain them.

Benefits of Regular Fire Alarm Maintenance and Replacements

Keeping your fire alarms maintained and making the necessary replacements will keep your property and the people inside it safe. According to local regulations, regular maintenance and replacements are often necessary. A commercial fire alarm system will alert you if a fire occurs at your business when it is in good working order. And that’s extremely important!

Risk of Not Maintaining and Replacing Fire Alarms

In the event that your commercial fire alarms are not maintained or replaced when necessary, you stand the risk of severe damage being caused to your property and people being injured or even killed. In addition, if your fire alarm system isn’t inspected, maintained, and replaced when necessary, you could receive a fine from the local authorities.

The six signs you should replace your fire alarms

Want to find out if your current fire alarms need to be replaced? Here are six signs when your fire alarm system needs to be replaced:

  1. Local code regulations frequently change, so it no longer meets code requirements. It may be time to replace your current commercial fire alarm system if it does not comply with local regulations.
  2. Commercial fire alarms have permanently damaged parts: If your fire alarm system has permanently damaged parts, it may be time to replace broken parts.
  3. You need an upgraded version: Fire alarm systems are constantly being improved to be the best version possible. It may be time to upgrade your system to new model in this case.
  4. Manufacturers suggest replacing an alarm system at a certain period of time: Depending on the manufacturer, your commercial fire alarm system may need to be replaced.
  5. You may want to switch from a phone line system to a cellular system if the system relies on phone lines.
  6. If you prefer voice fire alarms, you may want to upgrade to this type of alarm.

In accordance with the NFPA, your fire alarm system should be inspected every year.  In the event of a fire, poor inspection scheduling could result in monumental problems down the road. Testing your fire alarm requires more than just pressing the button to check the fire alarm batteries.

Your system must also be activated as if a fire had occurred, in addition to testing your fire alarm components. Your goal is to discover anything that could cause your fire system to fail. Your fire alarm should always work without fail, and never doubt that it is working.

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