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6 Fire Safety Hazards for Banks & Financial Institutions

6 Fire Safety Hazards for Banks & Financial Institutions

Commercial buildings often use different fire protection methods. This may be due to the construction of the building or what types of items are in the building. Banks and financial institutions, for example, have their own requirements for fire safety systems, as well as special fire hazards unique to that type of business.

Why fire safety protection in banks is unique

Fire protection in banks and financial institutions is something very special. That’s because of the way these types of buildings are constructed. Because financial institutions must have structural safeguards in place to protect the items inside, the building and fire safety requirements in this area are different from those of other businesses. You must therefore put in place special fire safety measures designed for banks.

The risk of not taking the right measures

If you don’t have the proper fire safety measures in place, you may not be able to properly extinguish the fires. In addition, the contents of the building may be damaged or destroyed. Most importantly, the fire protection system may not provide the best protection for the people in the buildings. Banks and financial institutions should therefore have a fire protection system tailored to their needs.

The 6 biggest fire safety threats to financial institutions

There are six main fire security risks for banks and financial institutions, which is why they need a specially designed fire protection system:

  • Significant damage can occur in critical areas of the bank if proper fire protection insulation is not in place.
  • Water could damage items in the bank, requiring clean fire suppression agents.
  • Emergency personnel may not be able to reach certain areas of the bank due to safety precautions.
  • The building may not have enough fire extinguishers in each secure area.
  • Banks may have been designed with the security of financial assets in mind and may not have the proper fire protection features.
  • Fire protection systems may be difficult to install in a financial institution due to its building design.

To ensure that your bank is fire protection ready, you should speak with a fire protection expert.

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